Getting Started

Getting started with is really easy. After creating an account, you can jump right in and immediately get started without having to install anything.

Then whenever you're ready, there is a one-time installation on your website before we can start collecting data.

Integrations integrates with hundreds of applications, so that you can send website events to them. You can trigger an email campaign in your marketing automation software, track customer metrics in your analytics platform, or even improve your advertising by sending data to platforms like Facebook and Adwords.

Using is designed to be a simple tool, but we also include a number of extra configuration options in case you need them. You can review different options and settings in the Getting Started section, then you can look at our Integrations area to see integration specific documentation.


The great thing about is that you are able to set up a wide range of tracking options without having to code anything. This includes options like clicks, forms, videos, and even how far someone scrolls down the page.

Once in a while though, you may come across a case where you want to track something that is more custom to your website. For these cases, we have an API available all your tracking needs.


The FAQ section includes many frequently asked questions from customers.