Outreach is a sales engagement platform that accelerates revenue growth by optimizing interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. It helps your sales team scale outbound prospecting through features like automated email sequences, an in-app dialer, and rep workflows.

Getting Started

Our current version of the Outreach integration will match the companies our system identifies to current accounts in Outreach. This enables you to see which accounts in Outreach are visiting your website, when they were last touched / last engaged, and whether there any active sequences.

From there, you can easily create automations in BigPicture that reference Outreach data, such as sales alerts of accounts on the website that haven't been reached out to in more than 90 days.

Here's what the dashboard looks like once Outreach has been connected.

The main dashboard.

Hover over accounts to quickly see current Outreach status.

Expand the account to see more information.

Connection Overview

BigPicture utilizes an OAuth connection to sync data in BigPicture. When setting up BigPicture for the first time, all configuration will be done within BigPicture.

BigPicture Sync

BigPicture currently syncs with the Account, Prospect, and Sequence State, and User models in Outreach.

BigPicture is currently a one-way sync and is designed primarily to match companies identified in BigPicture to existing accounts in Outreach. This is to minimize the number of API calls being made to Outreach and performantly load/display data in our UI (the current status of the prospect, active sequences, last touch/last engaged for the account, etc.). Our sync process presently pulls new records and updates every 4 hours as a default, but can be configured to pull more often.

Connection Requirements

  • Only the BigPicture project owner can link OAuth based integrations. If you are not the project owner, you can find out who the owner is by clicking on the Members tab in the project settings.
  • BigPicture uses Rest API calls to communicate and sync with Outreach.

Connect Outreach

1. Navigate to the "Integrations" page in BigPicture.

Click on the project settings menu in the top navigation.

Click on Integrations.

2. Click on Outreach.

3. Click "Connect Outreach" to start the OAuth flow.

4. Outreach will prompt you to grant access to BigPicture.

5. After the connection is complete, we will begin syncing data in the background. It may take a few minutes before you'll see any data.

Technical details

Data loading

BigPicture syncs data through the standard Outreach API. We have optimized the sync process to make the minimum number of API calls.

During the first sync, it will sync over all applicable records, which may take a bit depending on how many records are in your system. Subsequent syncs will query for only records that are new / have been changed since the last sync and will be much quicker.


Security is a top priority. BigPicture customers trust us with a significant amount of data, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit. Data routed within our infrastructure happens inside an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). It is transferred within a private subnet that is inaccessible from the public Internet.

Aside from our bastion nodes, only instances inside the VPC are able to access one another. Public-facing servers as part of our API, CDN, or Web app all receive traffic through public load balancers managed by Amazon. Additionally, security groups are based upon CIDR ranges.

You can contact our support team at support@bigpicture.io if you have further questions.