I don't see any data

There's a couple things that could happen here, so please check the following:

Is your script tag installed?

BigPicture.io will start sending data to your tools only after you have installed the script tag on your website.

Have you published your project changes?

Whenever you make a change to your project, the changes will not be live until you click the publish button.

Is your URL Targeting set correctly?

By default, BigPicture.io sets your URL match type to Simple, which means the action will only trigger on a single page. If you're trying to track something that is on multiple pages, for example a navigation link in your website header, you will need set your URL targeting to the Parameter match type.

Does your website alter the page?

When you select an element to track, for example a button, BigPicture.io calculates the CSS path to that element.

The CSS path is like a map, or very specific coordinates, that point to the element. When you have a website that dynamically alters the page such as adding classes to elements or adding / removing elements when you click or hover over things, the CSS path may not be set correctly. This is occasionally a problem with single page apps such as React.

It is rare for this to happen, but if this is an issue for you, you may have to edit the CSS path slightly. Here's an example:

You would like to track a button with the CSS path:


The problem is that when you hover over the button your JavaScript adds the "highlight" class, which may occasionally cause problems for BigPicture.io to track the element correctly.

So the solution is to remove the highlight class from the CSS path and only track the button: