Amplitude is an event tracking and segmentation platform for your web and mobile apps. By analyzing the actions your users perform, you can gain a better understanding to drive retention, engagement, and conversion. will automatically install Amplitude's site tracking code and enable you to send events.


Sending events to Amplitude is easy. From your Amplitude dashboard, navigate to the "Settings" page and select "Projects" from the left-side menu.

Copy the API key for the project you want to setup.

Next, navigate to your account. Click on the gear menu to view the settings menu, and click on Integrations --> Amplitude.

In the modal that appears, click the "Enable Integration" switch to activate Amplitude. Then in the "Settings" tab, paste in your API key.

Click "Save" in the lower right to save your changes. You're all set to start sending events to Amplitude!

Tracking Actions

Amplitude is very robust and makes it easy to send and view all your data.

Once you configure an action and start sending data, it will look roughly like this in Amplitude. Note that we send that action name as the event name into Amplitude.

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