Welcome to BigPicture!

BigPicture's account-based prospecting platform, helps sales & marketing teams identify, prioritize, and act on accounts in real-time.

We make it simple to identify in-market accounts on your website - before they signup or fill out a form.

The main dashboard.

Let's begin by installing our code snippet so you can start identifying visitors.

Once the code snippet is installed, you'll start seeing data in the BigPicture dashboard. Next, it's helpful to have the extra context of which accounts are already customers, which are actively being prospected, etc. So we recommend connecting your CRM and sales engagement platform to easily group and filter your visitors.

After installing the code snippet and connecting your CRM / sales engagement platform, we recommend setting up visitor identification as well. This will help ensure BigPicture can identify both anonymous visitors through our IP enrichment process and known visitors as well.