Marketo is a marketing analytics tool that automates your marketing tasks, like sending emails and setting up landing pages, and gives you reports on what's working. will automatically install Marketo's Munchkin site tracking code and enable you to send events for triggering automations.


Sending events to Marketo is easy. From your Marketo dashboard, navigate to the "Admin" page and select "Munchkin" from the left-side menu.

Copy the Munchkin Account ID from that menu.

Next, navigate to your account. Click on the gear menu to view the settings menu, and click on Integrations --> Marketo.

In the modal that appears, click the "Enable Integration" switch to activate Marketo. Then in the "Settings" tab, paste in your Munchkin Account ID.

Click "Save" in the lower right to save your changes. You're all set to start sending events to Marketo!

Tracking Actions

Marketo currently accepts action data as query parameters, meaning that all data sent is included in the url.

Once you configure an action and start sending data, it will look roughly like this in Marketo. Note the "Query Parameters" field.

Next, you can reference this data to build Smart Lists and trigger automations.

Here is an example where we are building a Smart List of website visitors that have viewed the pricing page and have scrolled further than 50% down the page.

Here is the detail view where we list the action name we have defined in, which in this case is "Pricing Page Scroll", and the event we want to listen for, which is the "scroll.50%" event.

From here we can do anything, such as automatically email a visitor asking if they have any questions on pricing.

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